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CASEA is part of the REMONDIS Group, meaning it is part of an international recycling, services and water company with about 800 locations in over 30 countries.

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Gypsum plaster and everything else that walls need

From gypsum plaster to gypsum filler to special plaster for stucco and modelling work – you’ll always find the perfect wall product in our range. This applies to both processing properties and the guarantee of an impressive end result. After all, the aim is also to give your customers a perfectly comfortable living experience. And as you aim for this, we are at your side with all our expertise on the subject of gypsum plaster etc. A great advantage for you is that we, as practical experts, are very familiar with all requirements, i.e. providing a service by professionals for professionals.

Our range comprises gypsum plaster in large quantities and various designs.

Gypsum plaster and other wall products – advantages at a glance

Everything from a single source

We have gypsum products for every type of processing and every purpose.

Expert knowledge

Like you, we come from the field so we can provide you with the right advice.

Absolute quality

Each of our products offers uncompromisingly good quality. Because the best results are achieved with the best material.

The right product for everyone

Whether it’s for trade, workmen, architects or builders - we are your contact.

Perfect result

Due to the increase in volume during setting, surfaces finished with gypsum plaster are extremely low-tension.

The great variety of gypsum

Depending on the formulation, our gypsum plasters and other CASEA products can be applied in a wide variety of ways and are designed for a wide variety of purposes.

Machine-applied plaster

Whether it’s gypsum machine plaster or lightweight gypsum machine-applied plaster: Our gypsum plasters for mechanical application fulfil all demands. For plastering large surfaces in new builds, conversions or renovations, the problem-free application, positive stability and constant setting process are impressive. But just as important: The final result is also more than impressive. The surface is perfectly smooth and has no shrink holes, sintered skin or cracks. With its open-pored mineral lightweight aggregates, gypsum plaster also contributes to ensuring a good room climate. It can temporarily absorb moisture that arises from the air and later slowly release it back into the room air.

Efficient, practical and easy to work with: Our gypsum plaster for mechanical machine application impresses with its high yield, easy processing and fantastic results

Product overview

Our casuplast product line comprises four qualities of machine-applied plaster, which can be applied in a single layer as an interior wall or ceiling plaster. The surfaces are usually smoothed. It can be used as a primer undercoat plaster.

casuplast 1000

Our standard gypsum machine plaster for a range of uses

casuplast 1200

Lightweight gypsum machine plaster with very good stability

casuplast 1300 B

Particularly high-yield, single-layer plaster with a gypsum base

casuplast hydro

single layer gypsum plaster with improved moisture resistance

Machine-applied gypsum-lime plaster

Whether you’re smoothing or building particularly healthy living: When it comes to machine-applied gypsum plaster, professionals trust CASEA’s products. The special formulation with an increased proportion of lime leads to a longer-lasting alkaline environment and thus to increased protection against mould growth. It also enables easy application on almost all smooth and absorbent mineral foundations similar to gypsum machine plaster. 

Product overview

Our single-layer smoothing plaster or climate plaster is suitable for walls and ceilings. It can also be used as an undercoat plaster. Of course, the products can also be applied by hand as well as with conventional plastering machines. 

casucalc Glätt

Gypsum-lime machine plaster for fine surfaces

casucalc Glätt E

Particularly high-yield machine-applied gypsum-lime plaster 

Manually-applied plaster

The shortened setting times of our manually applied plaster make it ideal for plastering work and tasks in the field of renovation and refurbishment. Designed especially for use in interiors, casuhaft rot bonding plaster in particular enables quick problem solving for ceilings and walls thanks to its excellent adhesive properties and fine grain size range. Even larger imperfections in the brickwork and adhesion to existing surfaces can be dealt with quickly. 

Product overview

Due to its very good adhesion, the gypsum adhesive plaster can also be used on demanding foundations. High yield and ease of use provide additional advantages. The single-layer bonding plaster is usually smoothed and can also be used as an undercoat plaster. 

casuhaft rot

Gypsum manually-applied plaster, ideal for thick layers

casuhaft gold

Gypsum dry mortar plaster with a high yield, especially for rendering and renovation work

Plaster filler

When it comes to filling cracks and joints and surfaces, we have the ideal types of gypsum filler. As a bright white surface filler, casutec WS impresses with processing times that allow even larger areas to be filled in one operation. Our tempered gypsum filler casutec US provides particularly impressive results when placing gypsum blocks and grouting gypsum plasterboard with reinforcement strips. And then there is our all-rounder casutec SFF - the filler with a particularly wide range of uses. 

Various uses in interior areas


Filling of joints and cracks in:

  • Plasterboard
  • Gypsum fibre boards
  • Gypsum plasterboards
  • Absorbent material
  • Ceiling slabs


Filling of defects in absorbant, mineral undercoat, for example before wallpapering or painting

Reworking old plasters (undercoat plasters, rough plaster) and smoothing brickwork

casutec SFF

All-round super-adhesive leveller and joint filler

casutec WS

Gypsum surface filler for extended processing times

casutec US

Universal gypsum filler with variable processing times

Plaster for stucco work

Regardless of whether you want to mould walls or ceilings: With the stucco gypsum formulations from CASEA, you can achieve amazing results in interiors – from a simple design with cornices to large-scale wall and ceiling adornments with opulent sculptural shapes.

Product overview

CASEA’s stucco gypsums are ideal for modelling even the finest adornments on walls or ceilings. They are characterised by their pure white colour and optimal adhesion. Thanks to their high surface hardness, they can also be used as casting and moulding plaster. Stucco gypsums from CASEA can also be used to stick on stucco elements or draw stucco mouldings.

casupur Extra 64

Modelling gypsum, ideal for stucco and modelling work

casufix SK

Gypsum-based adhesive for sticking on stucco strips or other stucco elements  

Supplementary products for plaster

Filling, smoothing or modelling on the fly? No problem with our complementary gypsum products. They are designed especially for smaller areas and mean even non-professionals are able to achieve perfect results without any problems. For example, when closing mortise slots, setting electrician junktion boxes or when doing smaller stucco or modelling work. 

Product overview

The CASEA products in this segment include excellent modelling gypsum in the finest grinding size and of the purest white, as well as bonding gypsum with additives for special adhesion. 

casupur SG

Gypsum for building and electric work

casupur MG

Modelling gypsum/alabaster gypsum, ideal for stucco and modelling work  

casumix AG

Gypsum for bonding plasterboards and gypsum fibre boards

Historical gypsum plaster

Historical buildings are often valuable cultural assets that need to be preserved. Damage that has occurred over the years must be repaired in a manner that preserves original material, is gentle on substance and is true to the original, wherever possible. Historical gypsum mortar by CASEA is just the right building material for this purpose. It is largely modelled on historical mortars. Auxiliary materials from modern construction chemistry are largely avoided.

Product overview

Historical gypsum mortar from CASEA has been specially developed to fit harmoniously into existing structures.

casusan HGM 1/HGM 2

Historical gypsum mortar for normal and slightly absorbent building stones

casusan Stützkorn

Support grain for historical gypsum plaster

casusan HGF

Historical gypsum joint filler for cracks in gypsum brickwork

casusan HGP

Historical gypsum plaster for gypsum brickwork in dry interior areas

casusan HAP

Historical gypsum plaster mortar for gypsum brickwork in exterior areas too

casusan HGE

Historical gypsum screed for dry interior areas

Gypsum plaster, etc – this is what distinguishes gypsum products

The natural building material gypsum is usually the first choice in solid and multi-storey apartment construction. Since gypsum dries quickly due to its diffusion openness, rapid construction progress can be achieved. It is also able to absorb large amounts of water vapour in the event of high humidity and release it again into dry air. This makes a great contribution to regulating room climates. Its ability to bind water has other advantages as well. In case of fire, it releases the water of crystallisation it contains, developing a cooling effect that counteracts fire damage. And not to forget: Using gypsum for construction is very efficient. For example, to achieve a certain fire resistance class with gypsum machine plasters, a layer thickness that is 50 percent less than that of lime-cement plasters is required, which saves considerable material and labour costs.

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