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CASEA is part of the REMONDIS Group, meaning it is part of an international recycling, services and water company with about 800 locations in over 30 countries.

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Calcium sulphate binder – the trade builds on it

Our calcium sulphate binder is the product of choice when you want high quality in your screed area. Professionals from the trade appreciate the advantages in terms of processing, but also in terms of the faster installation compared to cement-based screeds. A special feature of our calcium sulphate binder is that it is made on the basis of synthetic anhydrite, the high reactivity of which ensures the screed is exceptionally strong. The synthetic anhydrite required to produce the calcium sulphate binder is obtained from hydrofluoric acid production. Those who use CASEA for their anhydrite screed are also acting sustainably. Resources are used optimally, natural anhydrite deposits are conserved.

Perfect for residential building. Our calcium sulphate binder is used to produce conventionally mixed building screeds with an earth-moist consistency (according to DIN 18560 for screed in composite, on separating layer, on insulating layer and on underfloor heating)

casufloor AB 30 syn – our anhydrite binder

Synthetic calcium sulphate binder casufloor AB 30 syn is a laboratory-monitored product that is manufactured in our own factory in accordance with DIN EN 13454. It is used especially for conventional screed in dry interior areas. It provides the following advantages:

Production of a jointless screed

Particularly suitable for underfloor heating

No deformation as it dries out

Class CAB 30 according to DIN EN 13454
Area of applicationMixed on your building site, earth-moist calcium sulphate screeds
Material requirements*Approx. 75 kg binder to 280 kg additive
Container sizes25 kg sack, silo

* Information calculated in the lab using the same conditions in each case. There may be deviations in practice.

Ideal for heated screed: Thanks to the calcium sulphate-based binder, the underfloor heating can be turned on two weeks earlier than with cement screed

Would you like to place an order? Simply send an email to our Sales team. In case of questions, please call us on: +49 36332 89100

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