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CASEA sites

Standorte REMONDIS-Gruppe

CASEA is part of the REMONDIS Group, meaning it is part of an international recycling, services and water company with about 800 locations in over 30 countries.

REMONDIS Group sites

Bundling synergies practically – in the name of quality and sustainability

We are your competent partner when it comes to high-quality and individual calcium sulfates. As CASEA we consolidate the plaster activities of the REMONDIS group into a company that is focused on sustainable use of raw materials, which has 150 years of experience in gypsum mining and in the production of gypsum-based products. This means we can tap into synergies – for the best quality and first-class service.

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Direct access to raw material resources

With our related plants and on the basis of our own raw material supply, we are able to offer a qualitatively differentiated product range based on calcium sulfates – both in Germany and internationally. These include natural gypsum and FGD gypsum as well as natural anhydrite and thermal and synthetic anhydrite. Direct access to all raw material resources ensures that CASEA is as independent as possible from external suppliers for the benefit of its customers, as well as guaranteeing neutrality with regard to the assessment and use of binder systems

Company’s own factory sites: 4
Plaster distribution quantity:1 million t/a
Turnover:70 million euro/yr

Also represented in Spain since 2020

In order to secure further raw material reserves for ourselves and thus for our customers, we are increasingly active internationally. One of these investments in the future is the development of a new location in Spain. Here, we have been the owner of Gypsum Plus S.L.. since October 2020. The company looks back on 30 years of experience and, in addition to its own quarry in the Navarra region, also operates its own production facility at the site in Cintruénigo. In the future, products in CASEA quality will be manufactured in Spain as finished products for trade and crafts, but also special plasters for industry.

Specific solutions for all fields of use

As a very customer-focussed company, we address the individual requirements of our customers. Companies in the building materials industry and the building chemicals industry can obtain calcium sulfates from us that exactly meet their requirements. The same applies to specialist companies from the ceramic industry, medical technology and food or feed processing industries. We also create tailormade product specialities at the request of our customers. State-of-the-art mixing plants ensure a consistently high quality. In addition, our specialists are always striving to optimise our products – for the best results.

Process computers control the weighing and mixing stations, thus ensuring precise compliance with formulations. This means setting times, expansion and the hardness and absorbency of products can be tailored to the needs of each individual customer

Internal and external quality assurance

Whether it’s calcium sulfate binders for screed technology, alpha hemihydrates for construction chemistry or finely milled natural gypsum and anhydrite for feed and food calcium sulfate: all CASEA products are monitored in line with the latest quality assurance aspects. Our internal quality inspection employees ensure that the end products fulfil all defined properties and requirements.

All CASEA products undergo constant quality assurance

If you need any information about our services or have a specific formulation inquiry, please feel free to contact us. Contact us using our Online Form or by telephone on +49 36332 89100

CASEA GmbH // A company of the REMONDIS Group