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Standorte REMONDIS-Gruppe

CASEA is part of the REMONDIS Group, meaning it is part of an international recycling, services and water company with about 800 locations in over 30 countries.

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1. Sustainability  
More on the subject of WIR! project gypsum recycling Not only do we carry out extensive gypsum recycling, but we are also campaigning for more gypsum products to be returned to the production cyc

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2. Lime-cement plaster and lime plaster  
Lime-cement plaster – perfect for the building trade Click here to go to our Lime plaster Lime-cement plaster offers a good compromise between ease of use and high quality in the end result. Th

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3. Company  
If you need any information about our services or have a specific formulation inquiry, please feel free to contact us. Contact us using our Online Form or by telephone on +49 36332 89100 Whether i

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4. Team  
A strong team It's the people who drive a company forward. Every single employee contributes to the success of CASEA. Knowledge and skills, abilities and talents complement each other to form a whole

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5. Overview  
We only use the best quality raw materials and set high standards for our production processes too. This begins with digital weighing technology for precise dosing of the components and includes the

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6. Alpha hemihydrate  
You can build on that Due to its high mechanical strength, our alpha hemihydrate is used in a wide variety of industrial formulations. The high pressure used to produce alpha plaster converts it into

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7. Alpha hemihydrate as a dentistry gypsum base  
Brilliant white results in dentistry In dentistry, the best quality dentistry gypsum is essential. CASEA supplies a raw material that meets the highest standards. The bright white, finely ground alpha

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8. Beta hemihydrates  
Beta hemihydrates Beta gypsum is used for many building products and uses. However, it is not a mass product that meets all requirements equally. On the contrary: Beta gypsum from CASEA is as special

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9. Moulding plasters  
Special plasters for the ceramic industry From the mould to the end product. We also provide Mould releasing agents CASEA supplies moulding plasters for the production of plaster moulds for the

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10. Anhydrite  
Anhydrites of various kinds In the field of anhydrites, CASEA offers a broad portfolio of products based on natural and synthetic raw materials that have one thing in common: They fulfil high demands

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